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San Francisco Awards its first Bus Rapid Transit Construction Contract

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Note:  Three Photos Attached:  1)   High Quality Boarding Island at Sutter on Van Ness Avenue; 2) Looking North Toward the Market Street Station on Van Ness Avenue; and 3)   Looking South Toward the Market Street Station at Night on Van Ness Avenue


The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board of Directors today voted to award the initial construction contract of the Van Ness Corridor Transit Improvement Project – San Francisco’s first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that will run on Van Ness Avenue between Lombard and Mission streets.

“This milestone is the latest example of how the City of San Francisco is coming together to get big projects done and improve our transportation network for everyone,” said Chairman of the SFMTA Board of Directors, Tom Nolan. “Opening in 2019, this project is an essential bus rapid transit option that will provide a quicker ride through a major corridor.”

The SFMTA has authorized a new integrated project delivery method that can be used across the agency as a way to deliver projects more efficiently. Under this new project delivery method, the awarded construction manager/general contractor, Walsh Construction Company for Van Ness BRT, will assist and advise the project team in completing the project’s design and planning its construction, including recommendations for schedule improvements and cost savings opportunities. Once the design is finalized, a guaranteed maximum price for the project will be negotiated. Walsh Construction Company has extensive experience building public infrastructure and transit projects nationally.

“One of our top priorities is to deliver key projects that make our transportation more reliable,” said Ed Reiskin, SFMTA Director of Transportation. “The new integrated project delivery method allows for much-needed collaboration between our agency and the construction manager before the project begins. Pre-construction coordination is a win-win for the people doing the work, for the people impacted by it, and for the people who depend on these projects to keep San Francisco moving.”

Scheduled to begin construction in 2016, the Van Ness Corridor Transportation Improvement Project includes construction of two miles of dedicated transit-only lanes that separate Muni from traffic, enhanced boarding platforms that will improve accessibility on Van Ness Avenue from Lombard to Mission Street, installation of new traffic signals to prioritize transit, and the rollout of low-floor buses that will improve boarding. Once construction is completed in 2019, this rail-like bus service is expected to reduce travel times for the 49 and 47 Muni routes by more than 30 percent.

Several pedestrian safety enhancements are also planned to improve safety conditions for people walking on Van Ness Avenue, including pedestrian countdown signals, curb bulbs to shorten crossing distances and improve visibility for people walking or driving, median refuges and high visibility zebra-striped crosswalks.

The Van Ness Corridor Transit Improvement Project work also includes replacing aging infrastructure, including the overhead contact system for powering trolley buses, sewer and water systems, street lighting, landscaping and rain gardens, as well as street repaving in coordination with other city agencies.

Now that the contract has been awarded, the Van Ness Corridor Transit Improvement Project Team and Walsh Construction Company will work together to develop an appropriate construction schedule, design a traffic management plan, and conduct community outreach to the residents and businesses on the Van Ness Corridor.

To inform local businesses, residents, property owners and community groups about construction timelines and impacts, the SFMTA and Walsh Construction Company will work in partnership to disseminate detailed information and host community meetings. The public is invited to learn about Van Ness Corridor Transit Improvement Project community meetings and construction by signing up for the project’s email updates. An online signup form is available at www.sfmta.com/vannessBRT.

Note: Renderings of Van Ness Corridor Transit Improvement Project Attached:

Rendering 1: High-quality transit boarding island at Sutter on Van Ness Avenue

Rendering 2: Looking north toward the Market Street station on Van Ness Avenue

Rendering 3: Looking south toward the Market Street station at night on Van Ness Avenue

For more information, visit www.sfmta.com/VanNessBRT.