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SFMTA Presents 2013 Safe Driver Awards at Board Meeting

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Board of Directors of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which oversees all surface transportation in the city, including the Municipal Railway (Muni), is honoring the outstanding driving records of six Muni operators who have the highest number of safe driving hours. Operators who have 1,952 driving hours per year with no avoidable accidents and a minimum of 15 years of safe driving are eligible for these special awards for operational excellence, which were presented in November at the 2013 Safe Driver Awards. A total of 174 safe drivers were eligible to receive a 2013 Safe Driver Award throughout the agency’s seven divisions.

The SFMTA Board of Directors will honor the top six operators tomorrow, Tuesday, December 3 at 1pm. The meeting will take place in Room 400 in San Francisco City Hall.

“This year we are honoring six outstanding operators, each with more than 35 years of safe driving,” said Tom Nolan, Chairman of the SFMTA Board of Directors. “Having a safe driving record over this many years in San Francisco is quite an achievement, especially since every year driving gets more challenging with increased traffic, pedestrians, bicyclists and commuters moving around the city. The Safe Driver Award acknowledges these safe operators and their contribution to safe transportation in the City and County of San Francisco.”

The 2013 Safe Driver Award honorees with more than 35 years of safe driving and their number of safe driving years are Sherman L. Abraham with 41 years, Oliverio Valle with 39 years, John K. Ho with 37 years, Lonnie Moore, Jr. with 36 years, Nathaniel Bailey, Jr. with 36 years and Duane Allen with 36 years.

“We consider these awards high praise for six excellent operators and members of Local 250-A,” said Eric Williams, President of the Transport Workers Union (TWU) Local 250-A. “As stakeholders, we stand united with the SFMTA in making life better and safer for the people of San Francisco. We thank these members for their commitment to outstanding performance, positive attitude and service to the community.”

“Each year of safe driving represents 1,952 hours of safe driving, so we’re celebrating an enormous accomplishment by these individuals to safely do what they do each day,” said Ed Reiskin, SFMTA Director of Transportation. “Their safe driving and operational skills contribute greatly to our mission of being a Transit First City by providing safety for our customers and in building the public’s confidence when riding Muni.”

2013 Safe Driver Sherman L. Abraham, who has 41 years of safe driving and the most hours of safe driving, has the honor of being this year’s “Top Op.” Abraham said, “The key to my success is to stay focused and enjoy the things that you do. Be a people person. It makes the job easier. Manage your situations in a professional manner and take great care in what you do.”