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Central Subway Project Update for November 2019

Northbound tunnel

This notice provides a general project update and look-ahead which includes information about work activities, traffic, and transportation impacts taking place over the next few weeks along the project alignment.

For more project information, visit the Central Subway project page.

Weekend Work at 4th and Brannan

Track installation work at the intersection of 4th and Brannan streets is scheduled to begin Friday, November 22, through Tuesday, November 26, 2019. This work is to support the future above ground portion of the new Central Subway.

There will be partial lane closures and pedestrian detours near the intersection to create safe work zones:

  • Vehicles traveling on Brannan Street in either direction will not be able to cross 4th Street.
  • The eastern lane of southbound 4th Street will be closed to through traffic between Brannan and Townsend streets.
  • Local access to 601 4th Street garage will be maintained via a temporary right turn from Townsend onto 4th Street.

Construction Progress:

Art at 4th and Brannan

The first of ten permanent public artworks for the Central Subway Public Art Program has been installed. "Microcosmic", by Bay Area-based artist Moto Ohtake, is a wind-activated kinetic sculpture mounted on a 40 foot light pole at the 4th and Brannan Street Platform Station, right before the train goes underground.

Surface Work and 4th/Brannan Station

Before entering into the surface-to-tunnel portal just north of 4th and Bryant, a section of the new T Third Line extension will travel on the surface of 4th between King and Bryant. To increase access, there will be one surface-level station platform added just north of the 4th and Brannan intersection. Tactile paving tiles, public art, and and an access ramp are currently being installed and built there. Final intersection work at Brannan is planned for the weekend to connect tracks along 4th Street.

YBM Station Emerging

The headhouse on top of Yerba Buena/Moscone Station begins to take shape in its SoMa neighborhood.

Yerba Buena/Moscone Station

The first subway station north of the tunnel portal will be Yerba Buena/Mosone Station, with the entrance plaza located at 4th and Clementina. Street-level elements such as elevator shafts and steel framing are being constructed. Crews are also building out the station interior, installing finished lighting, concourse-to-platform elevators, wall panels, conduits, and utilities.

Welder at the station

A welder at Union Square/ Market Street Station.

Union Square/Market Street Station

The largest of the three new subway stations will be Union Square/Market Street. This station will link directly to Powell Station via an underground concourse connection, and will feature two station entrances: One at the southeast corner of Union Square, and a refurbished entrance at Stockton and Ellis. Crews have continued to build out the station interior, constructing partition walls on intermediary floors, adding utilities, and installing finishing elements such as wall and ceiling panels, public art, and laying out the terrazzo floor both on the concourse and station platform.

Chinatown crossover cavern

The "crossover" cavern at Chinatown-Rose Pak Station where trains will be able to change tracks and return south.

Chinatown-Rose Pak Station

The deepest and most impressively complex of the three subway stations to excavate and construct is Chinatown-Rose Pak Station. The future station entrance will be located at the southwest corner of Stockton and Washington, and will be topped by a rooftop plaza. Interior walls, multiple stairways, shotcrete and waterproofing for exterior walls, and station utilities are all currently being added. Work on the rooftop plaza that will be open to the public is underway.

Potential Vehicular/Pedestrian Impacts

The west sidewalk and one southbound lane of Stockton adjacent to the worksite south of Washington may experience brief closures due to concrete pours. Detours will be indicated when in effect. A temporary stop has been added for southbound Muni routes (8, 30, 45, 91) on Stockton at Washington. This stop will eventually be located in directly in front of the station.