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Evaluation Report Summary: California Street Safety Project

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California Street Safety Project Leads to Reduction in Collisions 

The California Street Safety Project implemented a road diet on California Street between Arguello and Park Presidio boulevards in summer 2020 to improve safety. The street is on the city’s high-injury network and also had frequent collisions involving Muni buses due to its narrow travel lanes.

The street was converted from four travel lanes to three, with a center lane for left turns. Other improvements included intersection daylighting, continental crosswalks and more time for people walking to cross the street at traffic signals.

Key Project Findings: 

  • There was a 64% decrease in injury collisions in the year following project implementation
  • Collisions involving the 1 California bus declined by 89% in the 18 months after project implementation
  • “Close calls” when vehicles fail to yield to people walking were reduced
  • Vehicle travel speeds remained similar to pre-project conditions
  • Total daily vehicle volumes remained similar to pre-project conditions, while peak period volumes decreased somewhat

Check out the report fact sheet in English and Chinese