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First phase of 29 Sunset Improvement Project Up for Approval at June 6 MTA Board Meeting

The first phase of the 29 Sunset Improvement Project is scheduled to be considered for approval by the SFMTA Board of Directors at their Tuesday, June 6, 2023 meeting.  

Earlier this winter we shared an updated proposal, which included improvements like: 

Bus stop amenities – Wide concrete sidewalks extending to the back door of buses would improve bus stops and would provide space for amenities like bus shelters and seating.  

Bus bulbs – Bus bulbs extend sidewalks at bus stops into the curbside parking and loading lane. This allows buses to avoid having to pull back into traffic, which improves reliability and travel time. It also allows buses to pull closer to the curb, making loading and unloading more accessible. 

Stop relocation – Many existing stops are before the intersection, known as the “near side.” This delays buses as bus will often have to stop twice—once to board customers and a second time for the traffic signal. If the stop is on the far side, we can use “transit signal priority.” This is a feature that extends the green light to allow buses to pass through the intersection, avoiding delay and shortening travel time.  

Stop consolidation – Many stops on the 29 Sunset are closer than the 800-foot minimum distance recommended by the SFMTA’s stop spacing guidelines, reducing efficiency. Removing select stops that aren’t near major destinations or transit connections could make the 29 Sunset more reliable. 

Feedback and the Final Proposal 

We received feedback in-person, online and through our self-guided open houses. We found that most riders support improvements that address their top concerns for the 29 Sunset: reliability, travel times and crowding. Based on this feedback, we have retained most elements proposed this winter. 

We’ve also made small refinements to the proposal. The two transit bulbs proposed at 25th Avenue and Geary Boulevard have been removed from the proposal pending completion of design of the Geary Boulevard Improvement Project. Additionally, we have removed the proposal to move the inbound stop at 25th Avenue and Clement Street. We heard concerns about the parking and loading impacts, and due to its location, the change would not have had a significant impact on reducing travel times.  

Based on the improvements included in the final proposal, we estimate that evening rush hour travel times will be reduced on the 29 Sunset by approximately 15-20% (measured between the intersection of Junipero Serra Boulevard and Holloway Avenue and the end of the line near Baker Beach). This would amount to a total time savings of around 15 minutes per round trip! Additionally, reducing delays can have a major benefit improving inconsistent wait times. This means the project should result in far fewer wait times of 15-20 minutes for a bus to arrive. 

We will share additional information at the Tuesday, June 6, 2023 SFMTA Board meeting, and you may learn more by reviewing the proposal elements in the StoryMap. 

Share your feedback on the final proposal at the SFMTA Board meeting or by email at