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L Taraval Improvement Project Segment B Update and Forecast – December 5 - 30, 2022

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The holidays are approaching and during this time of year construction on our capital projects takes a pause and returns commercial corridors back to the merchants, businesses, and visitors to dine, dance and shop uninterrupted at their favorite locations.

We are reaching out to you to provide an update about construction. Holiday Moratorium which restricts work on commercial corridors and sidewalks in the City of San Francisco from the day after Thanksgiving through January 1.

We will continue construction in areas outside of the commercial corridor to address some much-needed work to start replacing the water and sewer lines and the OCS pole foundations. The planned work areas are listed below. Community members in the areas most affected have been notified.

L Taraval Improvement Project – Segment B

Project Update – Holiday Schedule and Moratorium


Taraval Street 34th to 15th avenues: construction suspended

15th Avenue between Ulloa and Taraval Street: construction suspended

Holiday Schedule

Taraval Street (north side)

11/28 to 12/12

Sunset Boulevard, 35th and 37th avenues: Water line work

Ulloa Street (south side)

11/28 to 12/12

14th to 15th avenues: Sewer line work

12/12 to 12/30  

14th to Forest Side avenues: Water line work

14th Avenue between Ulloa and Taraval streets: Sewer line work

Temporary staging locations

11/18 to 12/16

Ulloa Street south side from 15th to 16th avenues

14th Avenue west side from Ulloa to Vicente streets

35th Avenue west side from Taraval to Ulloa streets

Funston east side from Ulloa to Taraval streets 

12/12 to 12/30

Ulloa Street south side,14th Avenue to Taraval Street

Ulloa Street south side, Forest Avenue to Taraval Street

14th Avenue east side from Taraval to Ulloa streets 

The inbound bus stop at Taraval Street and 15th Avenue has been relocated across the intersection until fall 2024.

General construction hours are Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There is no night work scheduled at this time. Construction schedules are subject to change. “No Parking” signs will be posted in construction and staging areas, and intersections may be closed to through traffic on Taraval Street.

Multiple agencies in the area are performing infrastructure work. This includes Public Works on 19th Avenue, Public Utilities Commission at Vicente and Wawona streets and PG&E along Taraval Street.