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L Taraval Improvement Project update: A look back, and the road ahead - May 2, 2024

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L Taraval Construction Bus and track replacement

The L Taraval Improvement Project is a multi-agency collaboration to improve safety, accessibility and transit reliability, and to rehabilitate aging utility lines and roadway pavement along Taraval Street. 

A look back, and the road ahead

Work to replace aging sewer, water and rail lines has been substantially completed. Construction continues on upgrading and installing new boarding islands with accessible curb ramps, handrails and decorative pavers. We have almost completed installing the street base, which is the durable concrete foundation that goes under asphalt paving. We know how challenging this work has been and we thank the community for your patience.

The good news is we are almost done with the most disruptive work. Now, the L Taraval Improvement Project team is preparing for curb-to-curb repaving along the corridor. Repaving is the last portion of the project that will require street closures, but it can be done quickly in only a few days. Please note that parking and access to driveways will also be restricted during paving operations.

L Taraval Rail Pull and installation

After repaving, remaining work at spot locations includes finishing upgrading the Overhead Contact System (OSC), new boarding islands, train and traffic signals, landscaping and safety enhancements.

What to expect in May

  • Completing remaining street base work in preparation for paving
  • Repaving the entire corridor begins on May 6 and will take until the end of May
  • The OCS is planned to be energized late May to test and make sure all of the electrical components are integrated and working properly
  • Special track work at Taraval and 46th Avenue to replace the curve and crossover tracks

Beginning in June, you may start to see some trains on the tracks! We need to thoroughly test the new platforms and rails to ensure everything is working as expected before we open L Taraval train service to the public.

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