ATTN: Powell Cable Car lines currently not in service due to a cable strand alarm. No ETA on when service will be able to resume on Powell Street. Hyde & Mason line cars will switchback @ Washington. We are having cable car operators pull out buses to provide svc on Powell St. (More: 19 in last 48 hours)

L Taraval Improvement Project Update Special Announcement! April 12, 2024

Service Affected

We recently posted a blog about the project, The Road Forward for the L Taraval Improvement Project. and would like to share the progress we have made to date.

Our most recent blog reflected the work completed and are now closer to the completion of the project. We have installed:

  1. Rail 100 %New Bus Stop with boarding island and train track rendering
  2. Water 100%
  3. Sewer 100 %
  4. OCS 70%
  5. Curb ramps 90%
  6. Boarding islands 70%
  7. Street base (outside trackway) 60%
  8. Repaving is expected to start May 6
  9. Special track maintenance work is expected to start May 6

The street base work, repaving and special track work will require the buses to be rerouted around the work area, therefore, bus stops will be temporarily relocated for a period of one day to a week to accommodate construction.

A few more months of work are needed to finish the boarding islands, streetscape elements and repaving. The SFMTA, partner agencies and contractor NTK Construction are working hard to finish on schedule. Crews will test the new tracks and boarding islands this summer to ensure everything is in perfect shape for the public to ride L Taraval trains again starting this fall. 

Stay tuned for more updates!

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