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March 2023 Slow Streets Program Update: Proposed 20th Street Re-authorization

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We're continuing to grow the Slow Streets network! The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Board will consider re-authorizing 20th Street as part of the Slow Streets Program at their March 21, 2023 meeting. This proposal would re-authorize 20th as a Slow Street, with modified extents.

Previously, as part of the SFMTA's COVID response efforts, a Slow Streets was established on 20th Street from Lexington Street to Potrero Avenue. 20th Street was not recommended to be added to the ongoing Slow Streets Program at the December 6, 2022 SFMTA Board of Directors Meeting; 20th Street was to be replaced with a Slow Street on 22nd Street to better align with the citywide bicycle network.  This COVID-Response street was therefore scheduled to sunset during Winter 2023.

However, following the December 6, 2022 SFMTA Board meeting, SFMTA staff heard support from many community members for maintaining this street as a Slow Street for a variety of reasons, including its importance as community spaces, its effectiveness in traffic calming, and its contribution to the neighborhood bicycle network. Staff has since worked with community members to determine new extents and a draft design for 20th Street to meet Slow Streets Program criteria.

What about Chenery Street? Chenery Street is no longer being considered for re-authorization at the March 21, 2023 SFMTA Board Meeting. This proposed Slow Street may be considered for re-authorization at a future SFMTA Board Meeting, pending community input.

20th Street Slow Street Draft Design

The proposed 20th Street Slow Street (20th Street from Shotwell Street to Potrero Avenue) would receive the following improvements along the corridor: 

  • New reflective Slow Streets delineators, replacing existing delineators at Harrison Street, Bryant Street, and Hampshire Avenue.  
  • Slow Streets identification signs 
  • Wayfinding signs to connect to the citywide bike network 
  • Slow Streets pavement markings with representative icons and the word ‘Slow’ 

View the 20th Street Slow Street Draft Design

To find out more about the March 21, 2023 SFMTA Board meeting, including how to participate, visit 

Members of the public may submit a comment in advance of the meeting to or call 415.646.4470 by 5pm the day before the meeting, or provide public comment at the physical meeting location listed below, participate online at

Meeting location:

City Hall

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, San Francisco, CA

Room 400, Floor 4

Remote Meeting Access

Watch Board meeting online

Public Comment Call-In: 415.655.0001 Access Code: 2485 510 3943