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New Pilot Dogpatch Route - April 2023

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Beginning Saturday, April 15, 2023, the 48 Quintara-24th Street will run on a new pilot daytime route in its final blocks in the Dogpatch neighborhood. The 48 Quintara-24th Street will no longer run on Tennessee Street or 20th Street before turning back to 22nd Street.  

Instead, it will follow a new route: 

Image shows that, heading eastbound, the new route will run east on 22nd Street with stops at Minnesota Street and Illinois Street. It will then turn right onto Illinois Street, turn right onto 23rd Street and stop at 23rd Street and Third Street before turning onto Indiana Street, and turning left onto 22nd Street to restart an outbound run. 

This change will add new stops at:  

22nd Street & Illinois Street (inbound to Potrero Hill) 

 23rd Street & Third Street (inbound to Potrero Hill) 

It will remove stops at:  

20th Street & Third Street (both inbound to Potrero Hill and outbound to Ocean Beach) 

22nd Street & Third Street (outbound to Ocean Beach) 

22nd Street & Minnesota Street (outbound to Ocean Beach) 

For those riders connecting with the T Third line, inbound riders can now connect at the 23rd Street and Third Street stop. Outbound riders can walk from the 20th Street and Third Street T Third stop to the first outbound 48 Quintara-24th Street at 22nd and Iowa streets. 

For riders connecting with the 55 Dogpatch, riders in both directions can transfer at the 22nd Street and Iowa Street stop.  

Riders connecting with the 15 Bayview Hunters Point Express can walk between the 15 Bayview Hunters Point Express stop at 20th Street and Third Street and the 48 Quintara-24th Street’s inbound stop at 22nd and Illinois streets, or its first outbound stop at 22nd and Iowa streets.  

In recent months, we have received consistent feedback from Dogpatch community members that they prefer an alternate routing that removes the route from Tennessee Street. A community survey completed by nearly 200 48 Quintara-24th Street riders and neighborhood residents confirmed that community members strongly favored an alternate routing.  

This new routing is a pilot project, and the SFTMA will be evaluating it in the coming months. If you have feedback, please contact Brian Haagsman at or 415.646.2410.