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Pedestrian Safety Improvements Parking Impacts (Former Proposal from 2019)

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Service Affected

Safer Stops for the J Church

The J Church Improvement Project is proposing to improve safety at stops. At the outbound stops at Church/Clipper, Church/27th and 30th/Dolores, the project is proposing to install quick-build improvements to improve safety for people getting on and off trains. The exact materials and design are being finalized but we are exploring ideas such as plastic delineator posts or painted pedestrian safety zones. This would create a safe space for riders to board and get off the train and prevent vehicles from driving past next to the train. Proposed parking space removal for these upgrades include:

  • Church/Clipper outbound stop (1 space on Church)

  • Church/27th outbound stop (1 space on Church) 

Vision Zero Daylighting Improvements

Vision Zero intersection daylighting would also be implemented to improve safety for people walking. Daylighting paints red zones at corners to remove visual barriers within a minimum of ten feet of an intersection. It improves sight-lines and makes everyone easier to see at intersections. Twelve parking spaces are proposed to be removed for daylighting at corners.

Daylighting is a proven tool to make streets safer. Image showing intersection daylighting Vision Zero's 2018 Year-End Report noted that San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood had 14 percent fewer reported collisions at intersections where daylighting treatments were implemented. Policy directives from the Mayor and legislation from the Board of Supervisors has made the use of daylighting to improve safety a city priority. 

Locations for Vision Zero daylighting include:

  • Church and Valley
    • Southwest corner (2 angled spaces on Valley)
    • Northeast corner (1 space on Church)
    • Northeast corner (1 space on Valley)
  • Church and 28th
    • Southwest corner (1 space on 28th)
    • Southwest corner (1 space on Church)
    • Northeast corner (1 space on 28th)
  • Church/Duncan
    • Southwest corner (1 space on Duncan)
    • Southwest corner (1 space on Church)
    • Northeast corner (1 space on Church)
  • Church/27th
    • Northwest corner (1 space on Church)
  • Church/Clipper
    • Northwest corner (1 space on Church)

Map of Safety Upgrades  

Map of safety upgrade locations requiring parking changes

Overall Parking Impacts

Fourteen parking spaces equates to about six percent of the total 220 parking spaces on Church Street in Noe Valley (22nd to 30th). It is about one percent of the total 1325 parking spaces in a one block radius for this segment of Church Street.