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Please see Related Projects on this page for current project information. We are keeping this page as a record of SFMTA outreach.

Potrero Yard Modernization Project March 2022 Update

Neighborhoods Affected

► Updates from Potrero Yard Neighborhood Working Group February meeting

After a fall/winter hiatus, the Neighborhood Working Group met on February 7, 2022. Updates included a review of recent project milestones, including the submission of three proposals from our short-listed developer teams — and a look ahead at our project schedule. We also discussed the Muni Reliability and Street Safety Bond that will appear on the San Francisco ballot on June 7, 2022. The meeting recording and minutes are available. Following feedback from Working Group members, the next meeting will be scheduled for late spring.

► Form of Pre-development Agreement approved by SFMTA Board

The SFMTA Board of Directors approved the form of the project’s pre-development agreement (PDA) at its March 1 meeting. This action sets the terms which define and govern the pre-development phase of the project (approximately 18 months). The Board will continue to evaluate the project and receive quarterly updates during this phase.

 SFMTA Board directors tour project sites

In February and early March, several members of the SFMTA Board of Directors toured Potrero Yard and the future site of the temporary bus yard at Muni Metro East to better understand the scale and scope of the project. Thank you to Directors Heminger, Eaken, Cajina, Yekutiel, Hinze and Lai for joining us.

A composite image of two photos. On the left people dressed in safety vests are grouped together near a bus in a garage  On the right people dressed in safety vests enter a sprawling maintenance bay. One person is using a wheelchair and is being helped by another, In the background buses are parked and are facing away from the group.

SFMTA Board members tour Potrero Yard. This composite photo shows (left) Directors Yekutiel, Cajina and Eaken as they tour the facility's maintenance bay with SFMTA's Bonnie Jean von Krogh. Right: Bonnie Jean von Krogh leads Director Hinze and others into the maintenance area of the facility.

A group of people wearing safety vests and standing among industrial equipment listen to a tour guide who stands in a wide doorway within the Potrero Yard maintenance area.

Public tours resumed in March. Here, the tour group on March 8 listens to Paul Bignardi of the SFMTA describe one of the unique features of Potrero Yard, the repair room adjacent to the maintenance bays. The wooden doors in the background are original and date from 1914.

► Public tours resume

After public health conditions required the postponement of January and February tours, we resumed tours for the public in March. Tour slots fill up quickly, and information on available tours can be found via the main project page.