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Residential Parking Permit Area HV Enforcement Begins November 7th, 2022

Service Affected

SFMTA is excited to announce that Hayes Valley’s new Residential Parking Permit (RPP) Area, Area HV, will commence on November 7th, 2022.

On-street regulations coming into effect on November 7th include two-hour parking regulations for non-permitholders from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Monday through Saturday on certain blocks, marked in green on the Area HV map. There will also be several blocks of Pay or Permit parking within Hayes Valley. On Pay or Permit blocks (in purple on the map), non-permitholders are required to pay for parking, either at a paystation or via Pay by Phone on their mobile device.

Area HV includes areas that were previously part of Area R and Area S. If you live in Area HV and purchased an Area R or Area S permit, it has been converted to an Area HV permit, expiring August 31, 2023. Annual permits in Area HV are now digital permits based on vehicle license plates. Some blocks near the edges of the RPP Area will have eligibility for both Area HV and for neighboring districts.

SFMTA crews are in the process of finishing installation on signs and paystations on the blocks within the Area. While we expect all signs on the two-hour time-limited blocks to be installed by November 7th, there may be some Pay or Permit paystations that are not yet installed. We will not enforce Pay or Permit parking on blocks where paystations have yet to be installed. Additionally, no citations will be issued in the first week of enforcement.

For more information about Area HV and the Hayes Valley Parking & Curb Management Plan, including forthcoming loading zone changes on Hayes Street and full lists of the legislated regulations, visit For more information about Pay or Permit Parking, visit To purchase annual or visitor permits or to find out more information about the program, visit

SFMTA will be monitoring the new area closely. Direct any issues that arise or questions you may have to