Pay or Permit Parking

What is Pay or Permit Parking?

Pay or Permit Parking combines the benefits of Residential Permit Parking (RPP) and paid parking. On Pay or Permit blocks, RPP permitholders for the area on the sign may park for free, just like they would in a traditional RPP Area. (More information about purchasing permits is available at Visitors, instead of being limited to a time limit, must pay for parking with a mobile device or at a paystation.

This regulation, first approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors in 2018, better regulates parking in areas where one-hour or two-hour time limits are not effective in ensuring the availability needed to support residents and businesses. SFMTA research shows that in many RPP areas, visitors crowd out residents and often stay for longer than the posted time limit. Pay or Permit Spaces are enforced on all holidays that metered are enforced; our holiday street parking enforcement schedule page has more information.

sign that says Pay by Plate (pay by phone or at paystation) Except HV Permits

What does Pay or Permit Parking look like?

On the street, Pay or Permit Parking blocks do not look much different that time-limited RPP blocks. Instead of a time limit, signs display the code that allows visitors to pay for parking on their mobile device. There will also be one or more paystation on each block for those who choose to pay by means other than via a mobile device.

What areas are best suited for Pay or Permit Parking?

Generally, Pay or Permit works best in areas that have both high resident demand and a high need for availability to support nearby businesses. Pay or Permit Parking will not replace blocks that are currently regulated as general metered parking. SFMTA is developing a comprehensive strategy for further installation of Pay or Permit regulation in other locations around the City.

Where is there Pay or Permit Parking?


  • Hayes Valley (learn more at the Hayes Valley Parking and Curb Management Plan website)
  • Colin P. Kelly Jr. Street, southwest side, between Brannan Street and Townsend Street
  • De Haro Street, east side, between 17th Street and Mariposa Street



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