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Hayes Valley Parking & Curb Management Plan

Project Introduction


Interactive Survey 

We are listening to your experiences with parking and curb uses in the Hayes Valley area —  take this quick survey to share your feedback! There is a Spanish-language version available here and a Chinese version available hereHay una versión en español disponible aqui中文版本在這裡. For accessibility help, email Kathryn Studwell at kathryn.studwell@sfmta.com.


Hayes Valley has transformed into a dynamic, bustling neighborhood situated close to the City’s arts and civic districts. Once-empty lots are now attractive new housing and local restaurants and shops are flourishing.  Continual changes will place new demands on our streets and curbs. Changing lifestyles, the development of thousands of new housing units nearby in The Hub, and the emergence of micro-mobility, car-share, ride-hailing and food delivery services will require a new way to think about how we use the curb. 

The SFMTA Parking & Curb Management group has teamed with the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association (HVNA) to develop a forward-looking parking and curb management plan for Hayes Valley.  SFMTA and HVNA initiated this effort to implement the transportation goals expressed in the Market-Octavia plan and to address lifestyle changes and emerging mobility trends.  

The planning process will focus on two key issues: the increased demand for Residential Permit Parking (RPP) and the impacts from greater use of alternative travel modes, including ride-hail services, carshare, bike share and micro-mobility vehicles.

Residential Permit Parking

Much of Hayes Valley is within either RPP Area S or Area R, but there are several blocks not within either Area (please see map). The SFMTA has received requests from residents not currently eligible for RPP to extend the RPP boundaries to include recently constructed multi-family housing.  An important goal of this planning process is to develop a policy for a Hayes Valley-specific RPP Area that would balance new residents’ requests for RPP permits with the neighborhood’s vision of lower car dependency, safer pedestrian and bicycle travel and more effective transit.

Curb Management along commercial corridors

A second goal of the planning process is to develop a strategy for managing the curb along commercial corridors, including Hayes, Gough and Franklin streets. The emergence of ride-hail, delivery and shared-vehicle services heightens the need to re-think how we plan for and use our curbs.  A shortage of space along the curb for passenger loading or commercial delivery services leads to double-parking, creating safety issues, transit delay and congestion.  When people double park in bike lanes, bicyclists are forced to veer out into traffic. Blocking of crosswalks by ride-hail or delivery vehicles impacts pedestrian safety.  Balancing the needs of local businesses with the goal of safe travel for pedestrians and cyclists and unimpeded movement of transit vehicles is key to a successful curb management strategy.

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Hayes Valley Parking & Curb Management Plan
Curb Management Plan
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Kathryn Studwell, Program Manager, Residential Parking Policy, Parking & Curb Management