Reminder: Routes 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 21, & 31 are discontinued until further notice as of today (4/7). Additional servi (More: 3 in last 24 hours)

Townsend Corridor Construction Notice

Neighborhoods Affected
Service Affected

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What: As part of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s (SFMTA) Townsend Corridor Improvement Project, San Francisco Public Works (SF Public Works) has begun construction of sidewalks, bus boarding islands, bicycle infrastructure and other safety enhancements along both sides of Townsend Street between 3rd and 8th streets.

Who: SF Public Works will be performing the construction.

When: Construction began in August 2019 with completion scheduled for December 2019. Weather and/or construction issues may impact the schedule.

Where: This project encompasses the construction of infrastructure improvements along Townsend Street from the traffic circle at 8th Street to 3rd Street.

What to expect during construction:

While the SF Public Works will abide by the City’s noise and vibration ordinances, neighbors should expect some noise and limited dust during this work. The project team will work to minimize disruption to normal neighborhood activity; however, there will be occasional inconveniences due to heavy equipment movement and other construction activities. To complete portions of the proposed work, a night noise permit will be required. Notification of the dates and times for this work will be provided separately.

Businesses and residents in the work zone will maintain access to their properties (including entries, driveways, garages), although there may be temporary delays.

Temporary walkways will be provided around construction work areas.

Some bus stops will be relocated temporarily and some will be relocated permanently with signs posted in all cases.

Through traffic in both directions will be maintained, but may experience temporary delays with lane closures in work zones.

Parking and loading will be affected in the work zone. Please see posted signs for exact details.

No interruption in sewer, water, or power service is expected.

Rendering of Townsend corridor changes