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Townsend Corridor Improvement Project

The Townsend Corridor Improvement project in SoMa includes the 1.2 mile segment of Townsend from 8th Street to The Embarcadero. The project study area also includes the segment of 3rd Street between Townsend and Berry Street to facilitate the connection to The Embarcadero/King Street corridor. This project will identify options to make the corridor more inviting, safe, and comfortable by enhancing existing bicycle facilities and improving connections to transit and surrounding destinations.

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The SFMTA is focusing on Townsend as it is a corridor of high demand due to the density of residents, bicycle use, proximity to Caltrain, and the current lack of physically protected bikeway. Townsend Street between 8th and 4th is a part of the Vision Zero High Injury Network, the 13 percent of streets where more than 75 percent of San Francisco’s severe and fatal traffic injuries occur.

The poor quality of the street, including lack of sidewalks and pavement conditions, make this street feel unsafe for all users. The area is expected to experience population and employment growth and many development projects are already underway. This project will help make the area more livable as it grows. Furthermore, the Townsend Corridor serves an important connection to the bicycle network. Currently, the King Street bicycle lanes end at 2nd Street.  That makes a bicycle connection along 3rd Street vital to the Townsend Corridor as well Terry Francois Boulevard (to facilitate Mission Bay travel).

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