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Update for Townsend Street from the 3rd Street Transit and Safety Project

Update for users of the Townsend Corridor from the 3rd Street Transit and Safety Project

Thank you to community members who provided feedback on proposed improvements at the January 24, 2020 SFMTA Public Hearing. The proposal has been updated with changes to the use of curb space on Townsend between 3rd Street and Lusk. The proposed improvements for transit include: 

  • Adding a bus zone at Townsend east of Lusk: This update would better accomodate Muni buses that drop off customers near the Caltrain station. Moving the layover location for 45 Union/Stockton half a block east to this new location would provide space for the 30 Stockton to drop off customers closer to Caltrain.
  • Adding a bus-only left-turn lane on Townsend eastbound at 3rd: Adding a second left-turn lane for buses only would reduce Muni delay for buses turning left onto 3rd Street from Townsend. This change would allow the 30 Stockton and the 45 Union/Stockton to turn at the intersection more efficiently and reduce time spent in traffic waiting to turn left. The left-turn lane for regular traffic would remain the same.
  • Updating existing bike lane: To improve safety, the existing bike lane on Townsend between Lusk and 3rd Street would no longer have cars parked to the right of the lane, moving it out of the "door zone" . The bike lane would be located to the right of all vehicles on the approach to the 3rd.
  • Updating parking and loading: With the exception of an accessible parking space, curbside parking on Townsend between Lusk and 3rd Street would be removed to accommodate the changes. Additionally on Townsend east of 3rd Street, the bus zone would be extended to ensure there are no conflicts between buses turning left onto 3rd Street and the 10 Townsend stop. Additionally, commercial loading spaces would be added on Townsend east of 3rd Street to address demand. 

Please visit the 3rd Street Transit and Safety Project for details and updates: