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Valencia Bikeway Improvements - Fall 2018 Update

Thanks for your interest and involvement in the Valencia Bikeway Improvements project.

Since the July workshops, the project team received a lot of insightful feedback regarding the bikeway design alternatives and the near-term curb management (i.e., parking and loading) improvements from the community. This update provides a glimpse of what’s to come for the project over the next few months.

Bikeway Update: Market to 15th streets

In partnership with Mayor Breed and her directive, parking protected bike lanes will be piloted on Valencia from Market to 15th streets in early 2019.  In tandem with the bikeway upgrade, curb management will also be improved to meet the needs of merchants and residents. The project team will be conducting door-to-door outreach with merchants and following-up with stakeholders in the upcoming weeks. At this time, the parking protected bikeway pilot is anticipated to be heard at the SFMTA Board of Directors meeting on December 4, 2018. Following that, city crews would begin constructing the parking protected bike lanes, using temporary, low-cost materials as much as possible. Following the implementation, the project team will evaluate the design to help inform the longer-term, corridor-wide project. Additional outreach and community conversations will be held in spring and summer 2019 to determine a preferred bikeway design alternative(s) for the entire corridor.

Curb Management Update: 15th to 24th streets

In the upcoming weeks, the project team will also be conducting another round of merchant door-to-door outreach to get feedback on impacts of potential color curb changes on Valencia Street from 15th to 24th streets. Most curb management improvements in this portion of Valencia include consolidating loading (passenger and commercial) zones and implementing more passenger loading zones that will be in effect past 6p.m. The project team plans to share these proposals with the community later this fall. Please be on the lookout for another update in a few weeks detailing the next community event.

With the recent accelerated schedule, the project team thanks you for your patience and understanding. For more information please take a look at the project update document.

To stay in the loop about the project and upcoming events, please sign up for project updates at SFMTA.com/Valencia.