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Week of December 18: One step closer to a better Geary

38 Geary travelling along Geary Boulevard

The Quick-Build phase of the Geary Boulevard Improvement Project is almost complete, marking a major step towards better bus service and safer streets for people traveling on Geary.  

Here’s a recap of the changes:

  • New transit lanes were installed between 15th and 28th avenues. There are now over five miles of near-continuous transit lanes in each direction of the 38/38R Geary corridor spanning from the Salesforce Transit Center to 33rd Avenue. 

  • Bus stop changes. Nine bus stops were moved to the far-side of the intersection to allow buses to benefit from transit signal priority and improve safety. Bus zones were lengthened to allow buses to be able to pull flush to the curb and provide easier and more accessible boarding. And, the 12th Avenue local stops were removed due to their lower ridership and close spacing to the next closest stops. Additional changes were implemented at the Geary and Park Presidio stops, including right-turn restrictions, to allow two buses to stop at the same time at these unusually short block faces. Next, we are working on permits to place transit shelters at the newly relocated stops as well as pursuing near-term seating options such as benches where feasible. 

  • Traffic signals were re-timed to optimize progression for both transit and cars and to provide more time for people walking to cross the street. 

  • Safety improvements were implemented, including prohibiting some left-turns to improve safety, and daylighting at all intersections within the project area. 

  • Commercial and passenger loading zones were optimized to reflect adjacent businesses’ needs. In general, commercial loading zones are now located at the front or end of the block to make it easier for drivers of large trucks to pull in and out of these spaces.  

  • New parking on cross-streets near Geary was installed. If you park in one of these spaces, remember that your vehicle must fit fully within the marked stalls. Vehicles that overhang the stall marking are subject to a ticket. Parking Control Officers will be monitoring the area, so please be sure to follow the rules and avoid a ticket. 

A big thank you to everyone who provided valuable feedback that helped shape the Quick-Build project’s design, and to our Paint, Sign, Meter and Signal Shop crews for making it happen. Next, the project team is planning to evaluate the impacts of the Quick Build project and will report on the results next year. 

Additional transit and safety improvements after SFPUC water and sewer upgrades:

Timeline for future work on Geary Boulevard

The remaining transit and safety improvements, including bus bulbs, pedestrian bulbs, median refuges and traffic signal upgrades, will be implemented in a few years after the SFPUC’s planned water and sewer upgrades. This work will take about 15 months and include roadway repaving and coloring the transit lanes red.