19 Polk Bus Stop Changes

Project Overview

19 Polk Bus and Bus Stop

To enhance 19-Polk bus service and improve safety, Muni is proposing Bus Stop changes on Polk Street

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Project Details

In order to improve safe Muni operations, SFMTA is seeking to optimize stop placement on Polk Street and the entire City.  Over the past six months, SFMTA has worked with City staff to identify a number of changes that can be implemented in concert with the proposed repaving and redesign of Polk Street anticipated to occur in 2016.

Muni Service Planning has reviewed the existing bus stop placement of the 19 Polk Line on Polk Street between McAllister Street and Union Street.  Muni is proposing to reduce the number of bus stops and modify their length and placement to improve safe interaction between buses, bicycles, and pedestrians, improve service reliability, and provide better stops. Between O’Farrell and Union Streets, these proposed changes would increase the distance between stops from 1-2 blocks to 2-3 blocks.

Muni planners reviewed existing activity and boarding levels to identify stops that served as transfer points.  The stop proposals took into account many different factors including customer activity at the stop, special needs of transit customers accessing a specific stop, traffic patterns, proposed street changes, and bicycle lanes.

As part of the project, bus stops at traffic signals are proposed to move across the street to reduce instances of buses needing to stop before and after a stop light, to improve traffic safety, and reduce pedestrian conflicts.

It is anticipated the reduced number of stops will improve safety between bicyclists and buses and allow for more reliable 19 Polk service.

Where possible, sidewalk widening and shelters are proposed at bus stops to improve customer waiting areas. The proposed stop changes would be implemented with the Polk Street redesign in 2016.



POLK & UNION - Move stop across street and widened sidewalk for bus bulb-out

POLK & VALLEJO - Remove bus stop

POLK & BROADWAY - Widened sidewalk for bus bulb-out

POLK & CALIFORNIA - Remove bus stop

POLK & SUTTER - Move stop across street and widened sidewalk for bus bulb-out

POLK & POST - Remove bus stop


POLK & GREEN - Remove bus stop

POLK & PACIFIC - Remove bus stop

POLK & CALIFORNIA - Remove bus stop

POLK & PINE - Move stop across street

POLK & SUTTER - Remove bus stop

POLK & POST - Move stop across street

Shelters will be moved along with the stops.

We want to hear your views.  Your feedback is very important to us.

Please submit comments by 6/6/14  

Proposed changes if adopted, will be implemented in 2016.