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5 Fulton Bus

Muni is working on multiple fronts to make getting around San Francisco safer, more reliable, and more comfortable for our customers. As part of this effort, we’re creating a Rapid Network that will improve the frequency and reliability on lines and routes that carry 70% of customers, including the 5 Fulton. Several changes are proposed along the 5 Fulton corridor. These changes will build on those already implemented as part of the 5L Fulton Limited pilot project, including optimizing bus stop locations, adding transit bulbs and right turn pockets, replacing all-way STOP-controlled intersections with traffic signals or traffic calming measures, adding pedestrian bulbs and ladder-style crosswalks, and more.

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 Cole to Larkin

What's Included in the 5 Fulton Rapid Proposal?

Proposal Intersections
Replacing stop signs with traffic circles at two intersections  McAllister at Lyon and Steiner
Installing traffic signals at two intersections McAllister at Broderick and Scott
New pedestrian bulbs at two intersections Fulton at Ashbury, McAllister at Laguna
Pedestrian improvements at one intersection McAllister at Buchanan
New transit bulbs at one intersection McAllister at Larkin
Relocating transit stops at two intersections McAllister at Laguna and Gough
Right turn pocket at one intersection McAllister at Van Ness
Removing transit stops at one intersection McAllister at Lyon
Bicycle improvements at one intersection McAllister at Fillmore
Extending bus zone at one intersection McAllister at Baker

Fast Track Segment

Note that approval and implementation of the following segment of this Rapid Proposal is being fast-tracked:

  • Fulton Street between 46th and 25th Avenues, and McAllister Street between Divasadero and Fillmore 

Specifically, this segment is proposed for fast-tracking for the purpose of coordinating with an already-scheduled repaving project, which is anticipated for initiation between the Spring and Fall of 2014.

Related Projects

  • Approved 5 Fulton Service Adjustments
    • On March 28, 2014, the SFMTA Board of Directors approved and legislated many of Muni Forward's proposed service and route changes, including service adjustments for the 5-Fulton. These adjustments include route restructuring, frequency improvements, and vehicle type changes, which will direct resources where they are needed most, reducing crowding and improving connections to regional transit.
  • Approved 5L Fulton Limited Service 
    • The Board of Directors also approved the 5 Fulton Limited as a permanent service, making local stops west of Eighth Avenue, limited stops between Eighth Avenue and Market Street, and resume local stops on Market Street to the Transbay Terminal.


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