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17th Street Quick-Build
Project Introduction

The proposed design for the 17th Street Quick-Build Project will be heard at the September 1st Engineering Public Hearing. See the Related Reports and Documents section (right-hand side of this page) for more details.

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June Feedback Period - June 1st - 15th 

Thank you to those who participated in our various June Feedback Period events or submitted feedback online!

The 17th Street Quick-Build Project aims to implement safety and comfort improvements on 17th Street between Potrero and Pennsylvania Avenues. This section of roadway is a key connection in San Francisco’s bikeway network, linking areas east—like the Dogpatch and Mission Bay—with neighborhoods to the west, such as the Mission and Lower Haight.

The project will prioritize the safety of cyclists and pedestrians and consider the varied needs of this mixed-use neighborhood, which includes large multi-family residences, eateries, parks, retail, commercial, manufacturing, services, and nightlife.


The project is motivated by the city’s goals related to mode shift towards more sustainable and climate-friendly transportation options, detailed in San Francisco’s Climate Action Plan and the SFMTA’s Strategic Plan and Transit First policy. Roadway safety and comfort continue to be leading barriers to offering bicycling and walking as a viable option for more people. 

Project Benefits

Quick-build projects focus on implementing safety improvements on streets identified on San Francisco's Vision Zero High Injury Network (HIN). Quick-build projects primarily consist of paint, signage, and parking/loading adjustments. Examples of possible improvements may include new roadway striping, crosswalk upgrades, additional signage, modification of traffic lanes, yield teeth, or reallocation of curb space. Corridor-wide improvements may include lane reductions, curb management, and protected bikeway facilities. These improvements will support the City’s Vision Zero goal of eliminating traffic deaths.

Project Outreach

Project outreach will consider all roadway-user perspectives and neighborhood needs, in addition to bicyclist and pedestrian safety. The SFMTA does not view these as mutually exclusive, and the project will seek comprehensive solutions. The project will feature clear, consistent messaging with periodic updates to this website, with continuing ample opportunity to submit stakeholder feedback, from initial needs identification to public input on specific alternatives.

Finalized project improvements will likely require intra- and inter-agency review. The project will end with design and construction, targeted for summer/fall 2023.

Project Evaluation Process

All SFMTA quick-build projects are intended to be evaluated through our Safe Streets Evaluation Program within the initial 24 months of construction. The Safe Streets Evaluation Program will analyze the project before and after implementation to review outcomes and determine design effectiveness. Evaluations will inform near-term modifications and a long-term design for this street. 


Project Timeline 
Summer - Fall 2022
Initial Outreach, Planning and Analysis
Winter - Spring 2023
Alternatives Design, Outreach, and Public Review of Alternatives
Spring - Summer 2023
Design Finalization; Public Hearing on Preferred Design
Fall-Winter 2023/2024
Final Design Approval and Construction
Project Status
Preliminary Engineering
Bus Routes and Rail Lines
17th Street from Potrero Avenue through Pennsylvania Avenue

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