Safe Streets Evaluation Program

The SFMTA is working towards achieving Vision Zero, an initiative to prioritize street safety and eliminate traffic deaths in San Francisco. To meet this goal, the City needs to track progress and measure project performance. This work, through the Safe Streets Evaluation Program, further bolsters the city and agency's commitment in achieving safer streets for all.

Specifically, the Safe Streets Evaluation Program seeks to accomplish the following:

Inform opportunities to refine a project’s design.

  • By collecting location-specific data related to transportation behaviors, project design elements are analyzed for their effectiveness and areas are targeted for refinement.

Communicate the effects of a project to the public, decision makers and other transportation professionals.

  • Evaluation results are shared with members of the public so they may understand the impact of the SFMTA’s work on their experience of the city, or with decision makers who want to understand the effects of safety-related infrastructure investments.

Support the use of design treatments at other locations.

  • Also referred to as “proof-of-concept,” project evaluations are often used to analyze innovative design treatments that are new to San Francisco. The data associated with proof-of-concept project evaluations are used to demonstrate the applicability of national or international best practices to the local context.

Streamline the design of future projects that incorporate similar elements.

  • Project evaluations use consistent metrics and analysis techniques to allow for tracking trends over time.

Southwest Quadrant - Evaluation Fact Sheets