19 Polk Bus Stop Changes

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Project Introduction

To enhance 19 Polk bus service and improve safety, Muni is proposing Bus Stop changes on Polk Street

Project Status
  1. Legislated
Bus Routes and Rail Lines
Project Details, History or Features

Key Improvements:

  • Bus stops at signalized intersections will be moved across the street to reduce instances of buses needing to stop before and after a stop light, improve traffic safety and reduce pedestrian conflicts.
  • Between O’Farrell and Union Streets, these changes would increase the distance between stops from 1-2 blocks to 2-3 blocks, which will increase service reliability. 
  • Where possible, sidewalk widening and shelters are proposed at bus stops to improve customer waiting areas. 


  • POLK & UNION - Widened sidewalk for bus bulb-out
  • POLK & VALLEJO - Remove bus stop
  • POLK & BROADWAY - Widened sidewalk for bus bulb-out
  • POLK & CALIFORNIA - Remove bus stop
  • POLK & SUTTER - Move stop across street and widened sidewalk for bus bulb-out
  • POLK & POST - Remove bus stop


  • POLK & GREEN - Remove bus stop
  • POLK & PACIFIC - Remove bus stop
  • POLK & CALIFORNIA - Remove bus stop
  • POLK & PINE - Move stop across street
  • POLK & SUTTER - Remove bus stop
  • POLK & POST - Move stop across street
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