54 Felton Project

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Project Introduction

The 54 Felton links the Ingleside, Oceanview, Excelsior, Portola and Bayview/Hunter's Point neighborhoods to Daly City BART and other transit connections.

In the Excelsior neighborhood, a segment of the 54 Felton route runs on Athens Street. A narrow portion of Athens Street does not allow for the bus and another vehicle to pass. Based on feedback from neighbors and the District 11 Supervisor's office, the SFMTA is proposing an update to the 54 Felton route to address this concern and improve safety.

Proposed Route Update

As shown on the map below, the proposed updated 54 Felton route would run both directions on Moscow Street. Based on community feedback, the original proposal was updated to continue to serve Prague Street between Russia and Persia streets. Moscow is a wider street on which the bus already operates safely in one direction. This change would:

  • Provide a more reliable ride with less delay
  • Improve safety by shifting the bus onto a wider street
  • Offer a more direct ride, running both ways on Moscow Street
  • Continue to serve high schools (June Jordan School for Equity and City Arts and Tech) and residents near Prague Street
  • Replace current route and existing stops

Thank you for your Feedback

Thank you to the over 475 Muni customers and community members along the route who provided input on the proposal. Feedback was received from the District 11 Supervisor, 54 Felton customers, local schools, community organizations, transit, senior and disability advocacy groups and neighbors living near the proposed 54 Felton route. Feedback surveys were offered both online and in person in four languages (English, Chinese, Spanish and Filipino). 

A majority of survey respondents supported the proposed route change onto Moscow Street. Based on additional feedback from local high schools, seniors and people with disabilities, the proposal was updated to continue to serve Prague Street between Russia and Persia streets – maintaining access for students at June Jordan School for Equity and City Arts and Tech High School, as well as residents near Prague Street. 

Project Timeline
Fall 2018/Winter 2019
MTA Board Review
Spring 2019
Summer 2019
Project Status
  1. Implementation / Construction
  2. Completed
Project Success
On schedule
Bus Routes and Rail Lines
Muni Forward
Contact Information
Tracey Lin, Project Manager
Enrique Aguilar, Public Information Officer