66 Quintara Connectivity Study

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Project Introduction

The SFMTA is evaluating the 66 Quintara route to identify potential service and connection changes to optimize access to neighborhood destinations and transit hubs. The route currently serves a diverse segment of western San Francisco from the Inner Sunset, over Sunset Heights, and through the Parkside District. 

Project Timeline
Summer/Fall 2017
Community Outreach and Planning
Winter 2018
Final Recommendations
Spring/Summer 2018
Project Status
  1. Completed
Bus Routes and Rail Lines


The 66 Quintara Connectivity Study sought to identify alternative routing to better meet the west-side neighborhood’s transit access and connectivity needs while optimizing the use of resources. The study looked at current ridership and productivity patterns on the 66 Quintara, as well as the demographic profile of the surrounding area. In addition to this analysis, community outreach meetings and in-person and online surveys were conducted. Results of the study informed the following improvements:

  • Increase monitoring of terminal departures times. Muni inspectors will be monitoring the terminal to help with operators leaving early.
  • New stop at 8th Ave and Judah. Allows passengers to exit the bus sooner or to make quicker connections instead of having to wait until the terminal to get off.
  • New timepoint for Nextbus. This will improve predictions for both directions.
  • Increased service on the weekends. Frequency increased from 30 mins to 20 mins on evenings after 10pm and on weekends.

Other route service improvements heard through the study:

  • Increase service on the 48 Quintara-24th Street route. Mid-day service added between West Portal and Great Highway.

In addition to these service improvements, the community profile generated by the study can inform future opportunities to re-imagine west-side connections.


The objective of the 66 Quintara Connectivity Study is to identify alternative routing for the 66 Quintara line to better meet the west-side neighborhoods’ transit access and connectivity needs, while optimizing use of resources. SFMTA will utilize a combination of in-person and online surveys, community meetings, and stakeholder interviews to help determine community preferences. Understanding which services customers currently depend on, and which services are currently lacking, will help inform the future direction of this route. 

This project is made possible by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority through a grant of Proposition K Local Transportation Sales Tax Funds.

66 Quintara Route

map of 66 Quintara