7 Haight Noriega Rapid Project

Project Introduction

As part of Muni Forward, SFMTA is implementing pedestrian safety and transit reliability improvements along the 7 Haight/Noriega route between Stanyan and Laguna, including transit and pedestrian bulbs, traffic signals, right turn pockets and stop consolidation. 

Public Works recently released community survey results for streetscape elements to accompany the new Muni Forward sidewalk extensions, which are already approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors. 


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    What's Included in the 7 Haight Noriega Transit Priority Project?

    The below improvements were approved by the SFMTA Board of Directors in November 2014.

    Improvement Intersection
    Stop relocation at four intersections, which moves the stop to the opposite side of the intersection  Haight at Clayton, Baker, Pierce and Buchanan
    Stop removal at two intersections, to improve transit travel time and reliability  Implemented in April 2015 along Haight at Cole and Central
    Transit bulbs at two intersections, which makes it easier and quicker for people to get on and off the train Haight at Stanyan, Masonic
    Pedestrian bulbs at nine intersections, to shorten crossing distances for people walking Haight at Shrader, Cole, Belvedere, Ashbury, Central, Scott, Pierce, Webster, Laguna
    Traffic signals at nine intersections, to reduce delay and make it possible to introduce Transit Signal Priority (TSP). Haight at Shrader, Clayton, Central, Baker, Broderick, Scott, Pierce, Webster, Buchanan, Laguna 
    Right turn pockets at four intersections, to move the queue of turning cars out of the through lane Haight at Stanyan, Masonic, Fillmore, Buchanan
    Left turn restrictions at two intersections, to increase traffic and pedestrian safety Haight at Masonic, Laguna

    7 Overview


    The 7 Haight/Noriega Transit Priority Project between Ashbury and Laguna is currently under construction as part of Public Works' Haight and Hayes Street repaving


    Fast-Tracked Segment

    Note that approval and implementation of the following segment of this proposal is being fast-tracked:

    • Haight Street between Fillmore and Lyon Streets


    Related Projects

    Haight Ashbury Public Realm Plan 

    • View the presentation from the Haight Street streetscape community meeting held on July 6, 2016. 
    • View the results from the Upper Haight Streetscape survey, conducted between July 6 and July 26, 2016. 

    Approved 7 Haight Noriega Service Adjustments

    • On March 28, 2014, the SFMTA Board of Directors approved and legislated many of Muni Forward's proposed service and route changes, including service adjustments for the 7-Haight Noriega. These adjustments include route restructuring, frequency improvements, and vehicle type changes, which will direct resources where they are needed most, reducing crowding and improving connections to regional transit.

    Market & Haight Streets Transit and Pedestrian Improvement Project (Complete)

    • Construction of an eastbound transit-only lane between Laguna and Market streets to allow Muni buses to travel in both directions, thus reducing transit travel time
    • Widening of sidewalks and the construction of bulb outs to enhance pedestrian safety
    • A more seamless pedestrian route to and from Haight Street by upgrading the traffic signals