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Broadway Safety Improvement Project

The goal of the Broadway Safety Improvement Project is to improve safety and comfort for all who walk, bike, drive, live or go to school on Broadway between Polk and Steiner streets. This would be achieved through lane reductions where excess capacity exists to calm traffic and create space for pedestrian and bicyclist safety improvements.

You can find out more information about the project and the individual safety improvements being considered by reading through the project information boards that we shared at our recent Open House (note: some project details may have changed since incorporating the feedback we've received). You can also take a look specifically at the proposed parking changes, or how the project proposes to accommodate school loading. If you're interested in seeing the entire proposed striping plan, take a look at the overhead view of the proposed design

Project Timeline 
Summer - Winter 2017
Data Collection/Conceptual Design
Winter 2017 - Fall 2018
Outreach/Detailed Design
Late 2018
Late 2018/Early 2019
Construction Phase 1
Early 2019
Construction Phase 2
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Pedestrian Improvements
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Bicycle Improvements
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Traffic Calming
Bus Routes and Rail Lines 


Between January 2011 and April 2016, there were 73 collisions and 84 total injuries on Broadway in the project area. West of Van Ness, where the bulk of safety improvements are proposed, there were 19 motorist injuries, 5 pedestrian injuries (several involving speeding vehicles), and 1 bicyclist injury. Two of the nine blocks in the project area, from Polk to Franklin streets, are on the city’s High-Injury Network, which are the 13 percent of city streets that account for 75 percent of San Francisco’s traffic related injuries and fatalitiesThe Broadway Safety Improvement Project supports San Francisco’s Vision Zero goal of eliminating all traffic deaths by 2024.


  • Traffic lane reductionsTraffic volumes on Broadway drop by more than 70% in the AM and PM peak hours from Polk Street to Fillmore Street. The project would reconfigure the street to align street design and capacity with surrounding land uses, calming traffic.
  • Intersection safety improvements: Where feasible, elements including daylighting, advanced limit lines, pedestrian median islands, high-visibility crosswalks, and leading pedestrian intervals at signals would improve pedestrian safety and comfort at intersections in the project area.
  • Bicycle lanes: Broadway is part of the San Francisco Bikeway Network, but currently has no bike facilities west of Polk Street. Bike lanes would be added on most blocks to increase Broadway’s attractiveness as a bike route, and facilitate connections to the network at Steiner Street, Webster Street, and Polk Street.
  • Center two-way left turn lane: On blocks where traffic volumes and operations allow, a center two-way left turn lane would allow vehicles to make left turns into driveways and side streets without blocking the travel lane.
  • School loading: The project would accommodate existing school loading operations on the corridor by maintaining two westbound lanes west of Laguna Street.


The project will coordinate with San Francisco Public Work’s plans to repave Broadway between Octavia and Polk streets, currently scheduled to finish in Winter 2019.

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