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Bryant Street Bike Network Improvement Project

Project Introduction

The SFMTA is proposing to upgrade Bryant Street between Division and 17th Streets in coordination with repaving with new bike facilities and streamlined Muni stops.

Project Status
Bike lanes
Bus stop consolidation
Red visibility zones
Bus Routes and Rail Lines
Bryant Street
Project Details, History or Features

The Bryant Street Bike Network Improvement Project will coordinate with Public Works street repaving efforts and upgrade safety on both sides of Bryant Street between Division Street and 17th Street by adding bike lanes. This change will help improve bicycling safety, comfort, and access by installing bike lanes where there are currently no bicycle facilities. Installing bicycle lanes on Bryant Street will increase bicycle network connectivity by providing bicycle riders a direct north-south connection between the city's Mission District and South of Market area. The bicycle lanes will also provide immediate and direct neighborhood access to numerous affronting commercial businesses, office space, and public open space along the Bryant Street corridor. In particular, the project will establish a bike network connection to Franklin Square, a 5.18 acre park featuring a soccer field and playground, as well as Potrero Center, a 227,000 square foot urban shopping center. As an active transit corridor for vehicles in revenue service and vehicles traveling to and from the Potrero Division, bicycle lanes will provide the benefit of increased separation between bicyclists and large vehicles. In addition, this project will also install intersection daylighting and continental crosswalks to improve pedestrian visibility and safety.

In coordination with Muni, bus stop optimization was implemented in February 2017 to help streamline travel for transit riders on the 27-Bryant route. Two outbound stops on Bryant at Division Street and Alameda Street were consolidated to one new outbound stop. Inbound and outbound bus stops on Bryant at 17th Street will remain.

Contact Information
Jennifer Wong