ATTN: California Cable Car Line is delayed due to a cable strand alarm. Crews inspecting cable for potential damage. Will update as more information becomes available. (More: 14 in last 48 hours)

27 Bryant
5 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily
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Service Frequencies
Schedule Morning Midday Evening Late Night Owl
Weekday 15 15 17 -- --
Weekend 20 20 20 -- --

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Inbound to Russian Hill stop list
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Outbound to The Mission stop list
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The 27 Bryant is temporarily rerouted to take advantage of larger bus zones at the terminals and temporary emergency transit lanes in SoMa. The information on this route page reflects the temporary reroute, which is in effect until further notice.

Inbound to Russian Hill

From 24th St & Mission, west on 24th St, left on Valencia, left on Cesar Chavez, left on Bryant, left on 16th, right on Folsom, left on 7th St, continue to Charles J. Brenham, left on McAllister, right on Leavenworth, left on Jackson to the terminal on the northwest corner of Jackson & Van Ness.

Outbound to The Mission

From Pacific & Van Ness, east on Pacific, right on Polk, left on Washington, right on Hyde, left on Bush, right on Jones, right on McAllister, left on Hyde, continue to 8th St, right on Harrison, right on 11th St, left on Folsom, left on 16th St, right on Bryant, right on Cesar Chavez, right on South Van Ness, left on 24th St to the terminal on 24th St, between Capp and Mission.