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Golden Gate Park Access and Safety Program
Project Introduction

The Golden Gate Park Access and Safety Program is a collaboration between the SFMTA and the SF Recreation and Park Department (RPD). This program proposes updates to the current car-free route that can deter cut-through traffic, improve traffic safety, enhance the park experience, and increase park access – especially for those with high barriers to access.   

The program will consider a broad range of proposals to improve access, equity, and mobility in the park. A program proposal will go to the Board of Supervisors in Winter of 2021/22, that will be informed by staff technical analysis and input gathered through the public outreach process. 

The project survey is closed, but you can still view the various proposals via the StoryMap linked below in the following languages:


How to give your input on the future of mobility and access in Golden Gate Park 

We are asking for your input on a number of strategies to improve mobility and access in Golden Gate Park. Here is how you can get involved: 


Project Timeline 
Summer-Fall 2021
Public Outreach & Technical Analysis
Winter 2021/22
Proposal at Board of Supervisors
Spring 2022
Implementation & Evaluation
Project Status
Project Success
On schedule
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Improvements will focus on accessibility to key park destinations
Improvements will improve safety and park experience for people running, rolling, and strolling


For decades, San Franciscans have supported fewer cars in Golden Gate Park: the current car-free route is an outgrowth of long-standing roadway closures on Saturdays and Sundays within the park. Established during COVID-19 as an amenity for residents sheltering-in-place, the route has become immensely popular over the past year: many more park visitors have used the car-free route during COVID than when it was open to car traffic. Over the past year, SFMTA and RPD staff have been working to address access and delivery challenges associated with the route.  

A map showing the current car-free route through Golden Gate Park. The route begin on the east side of the park at Stanyan Street and JFK drive, and continues past the Music Concourse and the De Young Museum to Crossover Drive, which bisects the park from north to south. From there, the car-free route continues through the west side of the park on Overlook Drive, Middle Drive, and MLK Drive until it reaches the Great Highway.

In early 2021, San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) convened a working group of key stakeholders to identify shared values for the park, unmet needs for park visitors, and a framework of action items to meet those identified needs. The Golden Gate Park Access and Safety Program will respond to the action items identified by the SFCTA Working Group to improve access, mobility, and equity for all park visitors.  

In an effort to create safer spaces for people to recreate during the City’s COVID-19 response, there is currently a virtually car-free route from one end of the park to the other, from Stanyan Street at the east end of the park, to Ocean Beach and the Great Highway at the west end. 

Getting to Golden Gate Park

Want to know what the current alignment of the car-free route is in Golden Gate Park? Want to know where is accessible ADA parking? Want to know how to get to your favorite park destination? Find more information on Golden Gate Park's car-free route at the SF Rec & Park website.

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