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Indiana Street Bikeway Project

Project Introduction

The goal of the Indiana Street Bikeway Project is to create a safe and comfortable north-south bike route connection in the Dogpatch Neighborhood. Indiana Street (San Francisco Bicycle Route 7) currently has no bike lanes between 23rd Street to Cesar Chavez, due to the one-way vehicle traffic heading north on Indiana Street that vehicles use to access the I-280 on-ramp, near 25th Street. People riding bikes have historically used Minnesota Street, as an alternative route to avoid the one-way northbound traffic on Indiana Street from Cesar Chavez to 25th Street. 

The SFMTA has developed a proposal to improve bike safety on Indiana Street from Cesar Chavez to 23rd Street so that people on two wheels have a more connected and intuitive route to use on this corridor. These improvements will provide a better, connected bike facility, not only for those in the Dogpatch neighborhood, but also for those who travel from the Bayview and Mission Bay neigborhoods. 

Project Timeline 
Summer 2016
Outreach of preliminary designs
Spring 2016 to Summer 2017
Spring 2018
Additional outreach
Summer 2018
MTAB Approvals
Project Status
SFMTA bike icon
Bike Improvements

Proposed Design

Bike lanes:

The proposed design will include bike lanes on Indiana Street from Cesar Chavez to the two-way turnaround, slightly north of the I-280 on-ramp. 

  • From Cesar Chavez to 25th Street, the proposed design includes a standard bike lane in each direction [pdf]. With the proposed bike lanes, an existing travel lane will be removed to accomodate other road users. 
  • From 25th Street to to the two-way turnaround, slightly north of the I-280 on-ramp, the proposed design includes a turn-way bike lane [pdf]

Other improvements:

Just north of the proposed two-way cycle track and south of 23rd Street will include upgraded sharrow markings and speed humps to deter speeding on the corridor. 

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