UPDATE: IB/OB 14/14R reroute continues due to fire dept. activity at Mission/Fremont.IB from Mission via 2nd-Market to terminal.Stops @ Mission/Fremont and Main/Market missed.OB via Beale-Howard-2nd-Mission to reg. route.Stop @ Beale/1st missed; board @ Mission/2nd. https://t.co/IKM6Mt5RPB (More: 8 in last 48 hours)

N Judah Muni Forward

Project Introduction

The N Judah Muni Forward project will improve capacity and overall service on Muni's busiest rail line with improvements throughout the surface segment of the N Judah to reduce crowding and delays, enhance the customer experience and maximize our metro infrastructure with three-car trains.

This will build on the Inner Sunset Streetscape Improvement Project completed in 2019, which included transit reliability and pedestrian safety upgrades on Irving Street and 9th Avenue in the Inner Sunset. It will incorporate many of the designs initially identified in the Transit Effectiveness Project and new improvements including platforms that can support three-car trains to reduce crowding, improve reliability and maximize our Metro infrastructure. 

Project Status
Bus Routes and Rail Lines

The N Judah Muni Forward project is currently in the planning phase. Full public outreach for the project is anticipated to begin in 2023. If approved, the project would be delivered in two phases, with quick build improvements implemented immediately, and permanent improvements starting construction two years later.