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J Church Improvement Project

Muni’s J Church serves nearly 17,000 riders each weekday in Noe Valley, the Castro, the Mission, Glen Park and Mission Terrace. The J Church Improvement Project is focused on making near-term improvements along the Community members providing input to staff at 18th and Church inbound stopJ Church to reduce delays and benefit customers as soon as possible. This project is the next step in a larger effort to continue to improve the J Church.

We Want to Hear from You

Let us know your about your experience riding the J Church. Take our short survey to provide your feedback. 

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The SFMTA will be putting together proposals over the summer to improve the J Church based on what we hear. ​​​​

Improving Reliability

Improving the reliability of the J Church is critical to providing better service. On weekdays during the day the train is scheduled for every 9-10 minutes, with less frequency on nights and weekends. Overall, 75% of J trains arrive within a few minutes of this schedule. The remainder fall behiJ Church stopped at a stop sign on Church Street.nd by more than five minutes – sometimes much longer.  When delayed, the J Church sees long gaps in service followed by the bunching of two or more trains in a row.

On Church Street, travel on the J line is slowed by: 

  • Closely spaced stops
  • Turning vehicles
  • Frequent stop signs
  • Red lights

In addition to reducing delays on Church Street, this project will also look at improving how trains are managed at the terminal at Balboa Park station. Related improvements in the subway will also improve reliability on the J line, as the impact of an incident in the subway can cause delays across the entire system.  

Related Improvements

A 2013 project focused on improving reliability for the J line on Church between Duboce and 16th Street. By adding red transit-only lanes and left-turn restrictions, the project was able to reduce travel time variability by 27% and improve travel times up to 14% on that segment. The SFMTA is building on the success of this project to address delays on the remainder of the line.J Church on transit only lane at Church and Market

A future Muni Forward project on the entire J Church line from Duboce to Balboa Park station will look at additional improvements, building on the near-term improvements implemented as part of this project.

Project Timeline 
Spring/Summer 2019
Public Outreach
Summer/Fall 2019
Project Development, Public Outreach
Winter 2019
SFMTA Board Review
Project Status
Muni Forward
Contact Information
J Church Improvement Project
Michael Rhodes, Project Manager
Bonnie Jean von Krogh, Public Relations Officer