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Muni Metro East Bus Yard

Project Introduction

In 2017, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) launched the Building Progress Program, a $1.2 billion multi-year effort, to repair, renovate, and modernize the SFMTA’s aging facilities to keep the City moving.

Potrero Yard, located at Bryant and Mariposa streets, is the first Building Progress Program capital rebuild project. Construction for Potrero Yard is expected to begin in 2023. 

While Potrero Yard and other Building Progress rebuild projects are under construction, the SFMTA needs to build a bus facility to maintain Muni bus service. The SFMTA will construct a bus yard on a vacant parcel adjacent to Muni Metro East (MME). In addition, the SFMTA will renovate the maintenance facility located at 1399 Marin Street to expand capacity for bus maintenance there.

After rebuilding bus yards across the City, the SFMTA will consider using this yard to expand MME rail operations.

For more information, read the detailed report of our MME Environmental Review Determination.

Project Timeline 
2020 to 2023
2022 to 2023
Current Phase or Stage
Predicted Completion
June 2023
Ensure the continuation of bus operations and maintenance activities while Potrero Yard and future bus facilities within the Building Progress Program are under construction.
Improve the efficiency and timeliness of bus maintenance and repairs.
Improve working conditions for all staff.

Project Locations

Muni Metro East (MME)

Located at 601 25th St, MME is a 16.9-acre site owned by the SFMTA and located in the Dogpatch neighborhood. The rail yard stores approximately 100 light rail vehicles and contains 14 maintenance bays. MME opened in 2008.

Aerial view of MME looking east with vacant lot visible in background

Muni Metro East, aerial view looking east

1399 Marin

Located at 1399 Marin St is a 3.2-acre maintenance yard located between the Dogpatch and Bayview neighborhoods. The facility is a Muni motor coach acceptance yard, rail track shop, and street car storage facility. 1399 Marin opened in 1998.

Bus on lift for inspection at 1399 Marin facility

1399 Marin, interior

Project Proposal 

As part of the Building Progress Program, operations and maintenance activities at Muni Metro East and 1399 Marin will expand to continue Muni operations and maintenance during the rebuild of other bus yards.

Bus Yard at MME

Four acres of vacant land on the MME site will be used as a bus operations yard to support the following activities: 

  • Bus operations, operator check-in trailers, lockers, restrooms, and break space.
  • Bus washing served by below-grade rainwater cistern, fare pull, and interior bus cleaning.
  • Overhead trolley charging (in yard only) and parking for approximately 160 trolley buses.
  • Accessing the improved street on Maryland Street from Cesar Chavez.

Conceptual aerial rendering of Bus Yard next to Muni Metro East with downtown in the background

Conceptual digital rendering of Bus Yard at Muni Metro East, aerial view

1399 Marin Expansion

The 1399 Marin facility will be renovated to accommodate various bus maintenance needs such as:

  • Bus maintenance activities (e.g. new bus acceptance, overhead trolley charging, bus parking for 30 buses as they wait for repairs and 10 additional new buses).
  • Staff amenities (e.g. staff lockers, restrooms, and break room).
Contact Information
Kerstin Magary, Facilities and Real Property Management Senior Manager
Keanway Kyi, Project Manager
John Angelico, Public Information Officer