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Potrero Yard Project Request for Proposals (RFP) Released

Neighborhoods Affected

Front cover of the Potrero Yard Project RFP, titled "A New Potrero Yard: The SFMTA Potrero Yard Modernization Project." Link goes to Public Works Bid Document site.

On April 9, 2021, San Francisco Public Works released the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Potrero Yard Modernization Project, reaching another major project milestone and bringing us closer to building the nation’s first mixed-use bus yard. The RFP provides details for the Project so that the qualified developer teams can prepare proposals to design, build, finance and maintain a new Potrero Yard.

Teams will submit proposals to replace a century-old Muni bus yard with a modern bus operations and maintenance facility. Proposals will include residential housing above the yard that strives to maximize the number of affordable units, and will also include street level commercial space. Teams will have about five months to prepare and submit their proposals. 

The Potrero Yard Neighborhood Working Group played a major role in informing the substance of the RFP, including creating questions for the developer teams to address. These questions focus on transportation, neighborhood involvement during the design process, neighborhood connectivity, and maximizing the number of affordable housing units on site.

The RFP also includes expanding Muni Metro East (MME) to accommodate bus operations and maintenance while Potrero Yard is under construction. Including the bus yard at MME in the RFP helps keep the overall project on schedule. 

The RFP is available on the Public Works Electronic Bid Documents Download Site (registration required). For more Potrero Yard Modernization Project details and to sign up for project updates, please visit the project page or email