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Muni Metro Escalator Rehabilitation Project

The SFMTA will replace 17 escalators at Muni subway stations between 2016 and 2020 as Phase Two of Muni Metro Escalator Rehabilitation Project.

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Most of the escalators currently serving Muni subway stations have been on the job since 1973. They are old, outdated and easy to break down. The new escalators equipped with the state of art technology will greatly improve safety and reliability of Muni system, especially for seniors, people in wheelchairs and those who have special need.

Improvements of the new escalators:

  • Variable Frequency Regenerative Drives, also called green belts, will provide energy savings

  • Sleep mode will slow the escalator down when experiencing a decrease of usage. This feature saves energy and reduces wear on the equipment.

  • Improved lighting along the escalator for the steps to be more visible at night.

  • Several safety switches and circuits, such as missing step device, hand rail speed sensor, comb impact device, etc., will be added to enhance the safety of the units.

  • Permanent lockable stainless steel barricades will enhance the safety for customers and technicians during times of maintenance and repair.

  • Debris traps designed into the landings will comb debris on the steps which can lead to the damage possibly compromising the safety of the equipment.

The escalator rehabilitation project has two phases. Phase One that replaced five escalators at Church, Powell and Van Ness Station was completed in 2014.

Phase Two of the project began in November 2015. The project is to rehabilitate 17 escalators at Montgomery, Powell, Hallidie Plaza, Civic Center, Van Ness, Church and Castro.

Currently, the escalators under construction are outbound at Church and Van Ness and inbound at Montgomery. The escalators at Van Ness and Montgomery are expected to be complete in Spring 2019.

To maintain service, only one escalator per station and two escalators total will be taken out of service (two different stations with one escalator each being replaced). Each escalator will be out of service for approximately five months. The work takes this long because each escalator is custom-designed and custom-built.

The staging area adjacent to the job site will be clearly marked and safely barricaded. The wooden barricade built over the escalator is to ensure the safety for Muni customers as well as construction workers.

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