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Northwest Bernal Heights Residential Permit Parking Area
Project Introduction


Residential Permit Parking Area AA signs will be installed during the month of May. Enforcement of parking time limits will begin June 25, 2018. Make sure to purchase your Area AA permits before June. Click here for Application & Rules.

On January 16, 2018, The SFMTA Board of Directors approved Residential Permit Parking in Northwest Bernal Heights.

Please note - letters and applications will arrive in the mail next month for those addresses eligible for permits.


Project Details

To help make more on-street parking available to residents in the northwest Bernal Heights neighborhood, the SFMTA is working with community members who wish to create a new Residential Parking Permit (RPP) area with two measures to improve upon the current regulations in the RPP program. 

Under the current general RPP program, the only limit on the number of parking permits made available is a maximum of four per household. When too many parking permits are issued in an RPP area, on-street parking spaces can become overfilled.

What’s different about the RPP area proposed in northwest Bernal Heights?

The regulations for this RPP area would be the same as those in the rest of the city, except that it would include, two alternative limits on the number of permits issued within it.

Proposed Measures: Limits on Parking Permits Issued

  • One parking permit per driver
  • Two parking permits per household
    • Permits for medical care and child care providers do not count towards the two per address limit
    • Additional permits may be issued to an address if there is more than 20% parking availability in the immediate area and the permit is requested for additional licensed drivers in the household
    • The annual fee for additional permits shall be twice the base annual permit fee for the third permit, and three times the base annual permit fee for the fourth permit

The RPP area would include a typical two-hour parking limit for non-permit holders Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Why was this project proposed?

This creation of this RPP area was driven by interest from neighbors, as well as community conversations that have been ongoing since spring 2015 and the SFMTA’s RPP Evaluation and Reform Project, an effort to improve outdated RPP regulations.


The proposed RPP area for northwest Bernal Heights can be seen in this map:


Like many neighborhoods that petition for RPP regulations, northwest Bernal Heights often has more cars than available parking spaces.  The issue is compounded by the fact there are no existing parking regulations in the neighborhood and no street sweeping on some streets.

The SFMTA conducted a study which showed that 59 percent of vehicles parked were registered to owners who did not live in the northwest Bernal Heights pilot area.

This data (PDF) came from a study of parking demand within a larger area that included Bernal Heights which was conducted as part of the agency’s RPP Evaluation and Reform Project.


Past Meetings

  • June 24, 2015: Neighborhood meeting to share general information about the city’s RPP program
  • July 29, 2015: Neighborhood meeting to share general information about the city’s RPP program
  • December 7, 2016: Neighborhood meeting where the SFMTA reviewed the initial neighborhood parking data
  • April 19, 2017: Neighborhood meeting where the SFMTA provided an overview on the proposed Northwest Bernal Heights RPP pilot area and updated parking data
  • May 2017: Neighbors in the study area vote on whether or not they want RPP on their block. As a result of the vote, the blocks shown in blue in the map above voted to establish an RPP area
  • July 7, 2017: The proposed RPP area was heard at a SFMTA Engineering Public Hearing
  • November 17,  2017:  The proposed revisions to the RPP area was heard at the Public Hearing 

Residential Parking Permit Fees

Passenger Vehicle:

  • $136 Annual Fee
  • $667 if permit area expires in less than six months


  • $102.00 Annual Fee
  • $51.00 if permit area expires in less than six months

Electric Mopeds:
Electric mopeds are exempt from RPP time limits if parked perpendicular to the curb and at a curb segment no longer than 8 feet in length, or in a marked motorcycle parking stall.  Electric mopeds are subject to RPP time limit restrictions if they are parked on a curb segment larger than 8 feet in length. All electric mopeds are subject to all other City parking restrictions, including street cleaning, blocked driveways, sidewalks, parking meter payment requirements, and 72 hour parking time limits. Per the California Vehicle Code Section 406(a), an electric moped is defined as having no tailpipe, no fuel fill cap or tank, and no passenger saddle.

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