Program Background & Information

The preferential residential parking system was established in 1976 to preserve neighborhood living within a major urban center. It is designed to promote the safety, health and welfare of all San Francisco residents by reducing unnecessary personal motor vehicle travel, noise and pollution, and by promoting improvements in air quality, convenience and attractiveness of urban residential living, as well as increased use of public mass transit. The main goal of the program is to provide more parking spaces for residents by discouraging long-term parking by people who do not live in the area. There are now 28 residential permit areas in the City. 

Does your address qualify for a Residential Parking Permit?

How do I obtain an RPP if I don't live in an RPP zone?

Get the right permit for your permitted area.

Local regulations regarding the establishment of permit areas and requirements for permits can be found in the San Francisco Transportation Code, Division II, Article 900.  

 Permit Area Map PDF