Residential Area Permits

Residential Area Permits

Permit Program Background and Info

Get Residential Area Permit program background information and determine whether you are eligible to apply for a parking permit. 

Get a Permit...the Right Permit

Residents, Business Owners, Visitors and other residential-related persons or services qualify for a Residential Area Permit (Areas A to Z, AA, etc.) within the City's RPP areas. Here's how to choose the right type and apply for one.

Renew Your Annual Residential Area Permit

What to do when your annual permit renewal notice arrives in the mail.

Replace or Transfer a Permit

If your permit is damaged or goes missing, you may order a replacement for a small fee. Permit transfers are allowed if you change vehicles or addresses.

Request a New or Expanded Permit Area

Petition for your block to be added to an existing permit area, or for SFMTA to create a new one.

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