2017 SFMTA 20 Year Capital Plan

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An accessible version of the report is available via this link.

On August 15, 2017 the SFMTA Board adopted the 20-year Capital Plan. The Capital Plan represents the unconstrained list of capital needs for the coming 20 years.

The investments identified will continue to ensure system safety, maintain a state of good repair, implement complete streets and improve transit reliability. The projects have been characterized using a set of capital project criteria that consider the projects benefit to: safety and security, multi-modality, environmental quality, and service delivery. All projects must be in the Capital Plan to be considered for inclusion in the 5-year Capital Improvement Program and 2-year Capital Budget.

The Capital Plan is a living document and will be revised as needed through the policies and procedures established by the SFMTA’s Transportation Capital Committee. The Capital Plan will be formally updated every two years.

2017 SFMTA 20 -Year Capital Plan (PDF)