How to Get Paid by the SFMTA / Submitting Invoices

Where do I send invoices?

Send invoices to

The SFMTA utilizes automated software to process PDF documents attached to emails sent to this address. To make this system work, we need your help to submit all your invoices electronically as email attachments, following the procedures outlined below:

  • Submit invoices only to
  • Submit invoices as a PDF attachment to the cover email
  • Submit only one invoice per PDF. Our system assumes one attachment equals one invoice
  • Submit Supporting Documents for each invoice in the same PDF file
  • Invoice must have a unique invoice number
  • Invoice must have a valid Purchase Order Number

Please do not send to Statements, copies of purchase orders, promotional messages, or email expecting a response. Please send statements, purchase orders, and other correspondence to:

How do I check payment status?

Send an email to

Suppliers may email questions about invoices, documents, and any other matters.

This account is staff-monitored, with a response time of 48 hours (business days only). Please don't send to both email accounts; or to other extraneous people at SFMTA.

How can I get paid electronically (EFT/ACH)?

The City has partnered with Paymode-X, a nationally recognized and widely used Automatic Clearinghouse (ACH) provider, to provide direct deposit of your payments. Sign up to enjoy these benefits:

  • Fits within your existing systems and banking practices – Paymode-X requires no software purchase, no modification to your accounts receivable system, and no change to your bank accounts
  • Paymode-X provides the remittance information printed on your check stub with the electronic payment for easier reconciliation
  • You will be notified by email each time you receive a payment
  • For information on how to enroll, contact: