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SFMTA Real Estate for Rent


Fifth & Mission / Yerba Buena Garage
Moscone Center Garage
Sutter-Stockton Garage
Union Square Market Street Station

Rent a Retail Space

Are you looking for an affordable retail space to start your business?  The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) is pleased to offer affordable retail spaces located on the ground floor at the various parking garages. 

The SFMTA is looking for a qualified Proposer that will have demonstrated the ability to finance, design, construct, and operate a business on the site, with the goal of negotiating a lease.  The SFMTA intends to select a Proposer that can successfully create establishments that complement the neighborhood, the surrounding businesses and community.

Fifth & Mission / Yerba Buena Garage

Image of Fifth and Mission Garage

Fifth and Mission Parking Garage is located on Mission Street between 4th and 5th Street in the Financial District, South of Market, and Downtown/Civic Center neighborhoods.  This garage adjacent to the Westfield San Francisco Centre and Yerba Buena Gardens.  Property offers 2,585 vehicle spaces.

Location: 817 Mission Street
Size: 851 square feet
Former use: Undeveloped
Rent: Minimum asking $850 per month


Moscone Center Garage

Photo of Moscone Garage

Moscone Parking Garage is located on 3rd Street between Howard and Folsom Street in the Financial District and South of Market neighborhoods.  This garage adjacent to the Moscone Center and Yerba Buena Gardens.  Property offers 732 vehicle spaces.

Location: 243-247 Third Street
Size: 2,100 square feet
Former use: Office
Rent: Minimum asking $2,100 per month

Location: 251-253 Third Street
Size: 1,235 square feet
Former use: Bar establishment
Rent: Minimum asking $1,300 per month

Location: 257 Third Street
Size: 1,062 square feet
Former use: Food establishment
Rent: Minimum asking $1,300 per month

Sutter-Stockton Garage

Image of Sutter Stockton Garage

Sutter Stockton Garage is located on Stockton Street between Sutter and Bush Street in the Downtown/Civic Center, Financial District, and Chinatown neighborhoods.  This garage is walking distance to the Union Square and Dragon Gate Chinatown SF.  Property offers 1,865 vehicle spaces.

Location: 390 Sutter Street
Size: 9,024 square feet (3,072 ground and 5,952 basement)
Former use: Clothing store with elevator
Rent: Minimum asking $10,000 per month

Location: 372 Sutter Street
Size: 740 square feet
Former use: Hair Salon
Rent: Minimum asking $1,600 per month

Location: 370 Sutter Street
Size: 745 square feet
Former use: Jewelry store
Rent: Minimum asking $1,000 per month

Location: 330 Sutter Street, Lobby
Size: 550 square feet
Former use: Shoe store with large display case
Rent: Minimum asking $600 per month

Union Square Market Street Station

Part of the $1.9 billion Central Subway Project, Union Square Market Street Station is a new transit station forecasted to open late 2022. UMS consist of a public concourse-to-concourse connection between Powell Station and the corner of Union Square Park. The station’s concourse level is approximately 690 feet long or two city blocks.

PDF icon Union Square Market Street Station Kiosk Brochure
Kiosk #1
Size:  90 square feet
Use:  cafe/boba/juice shop
Rent minimum asking:  Open to proposals
Kiosk #2
Size:  90 square feet
Use:  café/boba/juice shop
Rent minimum asking:  Open to proposals

Request a Showing

Are you interested in seeing a space?  You may request a showing by contacting Pham Ngo at Pham.Ngo@sfmta.com.  Please provide your name, phone number, appointment availability, and a brief introduction of yourself and the proposed business concept.

How to Submit a Written Application

Proposers interested in an available space shall submit written proposals that include the following information, and email in electronic format to Pham.Ngo@sfmta.com.

1. Introduction and Executive Summary
Submit a letter of introduction along with an executive summary indicating that the Proposer must provide information detailing concept, design intention and capital investment, experience and financial strength, proposed rent and business plan, and local business participation.  

2. Reasonableness of project design and construction for initial improvements
Describe the space proposed. Include information on the theme, ambiance, signage, hours of operation, days of operation, products, and pricing. If making improvements, provide a project schedule for design, permitting and construction and the amount of the proposed initial capital investment for improvements. Describe the source of funding for initial improvements, including design and construction.

3. Proposed rent and working capital
Described proposed base rent and/or percentage rent with at least minimum offer.
Describe sources of working capital to cover operating costs and to adequately maintain operations at a high level from the start up period through seasonal variations inactivity.

4. Recent experience in the ownership or management of a retail business
Provide the most recent available credit report and audited financial statements for the past three (3) years of business or personal.  If statement is a business, include statement of changes in financial position and statements, identifying any projects with negative cash flows, any non-performing loans, and the amount of guarantees and/or contingent liabilities.

5. Complete a Financial Pro Forma
Complete a Financial Pro Forma showing five years of projected sales, revenue to the SFMTA, expenses, and net income. The Financial Pro Forma should demonstrate achievable goals, understanding of the market and clientele, the viability of the proposed operation and financial offer, and the ability to fund continuing operations from the cash flow generated by the operation.


Contact Information
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