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Request Motorcycle On-Street Parking

We provide two types of designated on-street motorcycle parking: unmetered and metered. The processes for establishing these two types of motorcycle parking spaces are described below:

Unmetered Motorcycle Parking

Unmetered motorcycle parking is only established in areas that do not have parking meters on the block. Most unmetered motorcycle spaces can be found in residential areas. Motorcyclists do not need a specially designated space to park on the street and can generally park in any spot where an automobile can park. Short spaces between driveways that are too small for automobiles, can be good spots for motorcyclists.

If these types of parking opportunities are not present, then we can designate official unmetered motorcycle parking spaces where only motorcycles can park without being subject to towing.

The best location for establishing official motorcycle spaces are in areas where there is an observed demand for motorcycle parking, and ideally in spaces that are too small for automobiles that also have the consent of the abutting residents or property owners. We have found that many non-motorcyclists have a misguided perception of motorcycle noise based upon illegally modified bikes. It is therefore important for motorcyclists seeking specially designated parking spaces to speak with the abutting residents about any concerns to gain their consent. The designation of these motorcycle parking spaces may also prevent a resident from legally parking across their own driveway.  This is another reason why the consent of the abutting residents is important.

There is no special form required for requesting motorcycle parking. You can request new motorcycle stalls or meters by calling 311 (for calls outside of San Francisco, dial 415.701.2311).

Please indicate the problem, the area in question, and how many spaces may be needed. Establishing motorcycle parking requires approval through a public hearing process, and may include a review by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  Requests for motorcycle parking in front of residential buildings must have the prior approval of fronting property owners.

Any correspondence with the abutting residents or property owner’s consent is sufficient. After we receive a request for motorcycle parking, our staff will perform a study of the physical location to determine the appropriate area for establishing motorcycle parking spaces. At this point, we will also try to ascertain the level of demand for motorcycle parking in the area to determine how many motorcycle parking spaces should be provided. After a recommendation is made, we will then conduct a public hearing to solicit comments with respect to the proposal.

Metered Motorcycle Parking

There are currently about 2,250 metered motorcycle parking spaces in San Francisco  (source:  SFMTA Fact Sheet, December 2012).  Once again, we do not have a special form or petition for requesting motorcycle parking. Upon receipt of a request for establishing motorcycle parking, we will perform an evaluation of the location to determine the most appropriate areas for parking along with a recommendation of the number of spaces that should be provided. After a recommendation is made, we will conduct a public hearing to solicit comments with respect to the proposal. Any correspondence showing consent from the abutting business is sufficient.

We occasionally receive requests to establish unmetered motorcycle parking in a metered area. If automobile parking meters currently exist on a given block, motorcyclists must pay for parking too. Current rates for motorcycle parking are pro-rated to account for the smaller amount of space taken by motorcycles in comparison to automobiles.

There is usually no time limit for metered motorcycle parking, so motorcyclists are able to park all day if desired.