ATTN: Report of a non-Muni collision on Fulton btwn 15th and 16th. Expect delays and possible reroutes on the IB/OB 5. (More: 15 in last 48 hours)

3rd Street Project Construction Forecast: January 4 - January 17, 2020

Service Affected
Neighborhoods Affected

The following two-week construction forecast is tentative and subject to change due to weather delays, unexpected field conditions or construction crew availability.

No construction work will occur for the 3rd Street Transit and Safety Project from January 4-17. We anticipate work to resume north of Folsom later in January.

Prior to the holidays, the 3rd Street Transit and Safety Project completed the initial phase of quick-build improvements on 3rd Street between Brannan and Folsom streets. The goals of the project are to reduce bus delays and improve safety for people walking. Muni is successfully using this stretch of the relocated transit lane and new boarding island at Bryant Street.