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L Taraval Construction Bus

To Be Rescheduled
Service Affected
Weekend Traffic and Transit Advisory
Neighborhoods Affected
Route(s) Affected

Starting Saturday, August 22, 2020, the L Bus will operate as the L Construction Bus from 5 am to 10pm daily, providing local service west of Sunset Blvd and express service to West Portal Station. For local stops east of Sunset Blvd, transfer to the LK train at 32nd Ave. NextMuni predictions will not yet be available. Service is expected to run every 10 to 12 minutes.

Route map for the L Taraval Construction Shuttle Bus between SF Zoo and 32nd Ave and express service to West Portal Station.

Stop List for L Taraval Construction Bus

To West Portal Station To SF Zoo
Wawona & 46th Ave Ulloa & Wawona
46th Ave & Vicente Taraval & Sunset
46th Ave & Ulloa Taraval & 40th Ave
46th Ave & Taraval Taraval & 42nd Ave
Taraval & 44th Ave Taraval & 44th Ave
Taraval & 42nd Ave Taraval & 46th Ave
Taraval & 40th Ave 46th Ave & Ulloa
Taraval & Sunset 46th Ave & Vicente
Taraval & 32th Ave 47th Ave & Cutler
Ulloa & Wawona Wawona & 46th Ave

Transfer Points for the LK Taraval/InglesideClose-up map of transfer points between the construction shuttle and LK train. Transfer at Sunset Blvd or 32nd Ave.

Eastbound: Transfer to the LK train at Taraval & 32nd Ave. This stop has a temporary ramp for accessibility.

Westbound: Transfer to the L Bus at Taraval & Sunset.