FINAL UPDATE: Delay at Bayshore and Sunnydale is clearing. Incident train was removed from service. IB/OB #TThird r (More: 23 in last 48 hours)

Short Routes Temporarily Suspended Starting November 1

Temporary, Until further notice

Starting November 1, Muni will temporarily suspend the 1 California Short14R Mission Rapid Short (weekdays only), 30 Stockton Short, and 49 Van Ness Short (on weekends only). Short service refers to buses that run on a segment of a longer Muni route to help improve frequency on higher-ridership portions of the line. The long routes on these lines will continue to operate, connecting customers where they need to go.These changes are intended to reduce impacts to service systemwide, but customers may experience additional crowding and longer wait times on various bus routes as a result. These changes may impact also NextMuni predictions. Muni made this decision in response to a number of transit operators who are not in compliance with the city’s Department of Human Resources policy that all city employees need to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

1 California Short

Between Pacific Heights and Downtown

Inbound to Downtown

From Sacramento & Presidio, east on Sacramento, right on Presidio, left on California, left on Steiner, right on Sacramento, left on Gough, right on Clay to terminal at Clay & Drumm.

Outbound to Pacific Heights

From Clay & Drumm, east on Clay, right on Drumm, right on Sacramento, left on Steiner, right on California, right on Walnut, right on Sacramento to last stop at Sacramento & Presidio.

14R Mission Rapid Short (Weekdays Only)

Between Outer Mission and Downtown

Inbound to Downtown

From Missioni & Lowell, north on Mission, left on Main, right on Market, right on Steuart to last stop at Steuart & Mission.

Outbound to Outer Mission

From Steuart & Mission, south on Mission to last stop at Mission & Lowell.

30 Stockton Short

Between Russian Hill and Caltrain via Downtown

Inbound to Caltrain

From Van Ness & North Point, via North Point, right on Columbus, right on Stockton, across Market to 4th, Townsend to terminal (Caltrain station).

Outbound to Russian Hill

From Townsend & 4th (Caltrain station), left on 3rd, across Market to Kearny, left on Sutter, right on Stockton, left on Columbus, left on North Point, left on Van Ness to last stop at Van Ness & North Point.

49 Van Ness/Mission Short (Weekends Only)

Between City College and Fort Mason

Inbound to Fort Mason

From Unity Plaza (Ocean & Frida Kahlo), right on Frida Kahlo, left on Ocean, left on Mission, left on South Van Ness, Van Ness to terminal at Van Ness & North Point.

Outbound to City College

From Van Ness & North Point, south on Van Ness, South Van Ness, right on Otis, Mission, right on Ocean, right into Unity Plaza terminal.