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Employee & Labor Relations

Employee & Labor Relations

The Employee and Labor Relations Division supports the Agency’s Mission, Vision and Values by promoting non-adversarial labor-management relations in dealing with employees and their organizations to effectively and positively resolve labor management issues relating to wages, hours and working conditions.  We negotiate collective bargaining agreements and memorandums of understanding, provide guidance on the proper interpretation of the bargaining agreements, provide counsel regarding disciplinary actions, serve as Hearing Officer for disciplinary appeals, and administer the grievance process.


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Labor Relations Site Information Menu

Labor Relations Overview - Provides information regarding the role and responsibilities of the Labor Relations Division.

Division Organizational Structure - Provides information regarding staff's assignments.

Governing Rules and Regulations - Provides information regarding the rules and regulations governing SFMTA labor relations

MOU's/CBA's - Provides links to current SFMTA service-critical and shared City MOU's/CBA's.

Forms and Documents - Provides links to relevant labor relations forms and documents.

Labor Union Information - Provides union representatives' contacts and other information.

Resources  - Provides additional relevant resources and information.


UPDATE:   Disclosure of Labor Agreement with TWU Local 200