Human Resources (HR)

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The Division of Human Resources mission is to enable the SFMTA to accomplish its strategic and operational goals by supplying necessary support services to divisions and that include recruitment, organizational development, hiring, talent management, leave management, employee and labor relations, payroll, employee and operator training, employee wellness, employee and industrial safety, ADA, and Workers' Compensation.


Employee & Labor Relations

Employee & Labor Relations The Employee and Labor Relations Division supports the Agency’s Mission, Vision and Values by promoting non-adversarial labor-management relations in dealing with employees and their organizations to effectively and...

Employee Health & Wellness

Employee Health & Wellness - License & Medical/Drug & Alcohol Program/Peer Assistance Program/Employee Assistance Program - CARE Ensure SFMTA employees can safely perform their job duties Ensure validity of employee-required DMV Commercial License...

Mary F. Donovan

Mary F. Donovan

Manager, Employee Health & Wellness

Workers' Compensation

SFMTA Workers' Compensation Ensuring the well-being and protection of our SFMTA employees is of paramount importance to us. One crucial aspect of this commitment is the workers' compensation system, an insurance program designed to provide essential...

Jim Radding

Workers' Compensation Manager

Workforce Development

Workforce Development reports to Human Resources (HR) Our Responsibilities Development and Training: Create a work environment where employees are encouraged to bring their hearts and heads to work daily; Empower and unleash employees to accomplish...

Portrait of Senior Management Team Member Rashid Herd

Rashid Herd

Acting Manager Workforce Development